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4 Common Misconceptions About Hiring a Painting Company

Hiring a painting company is one of the best decisions that a homeowner can make. In most cases, it is a quick way to make your home look amazing without undergoing major repairs. Nothing looks worse than a messy paint job or a paint job that beings to fade and peel after only a few months. Even though hiring professionals is a great idea, there are many common misconceptions that first-time customers might have. Below are the five most common misconceptions about paint companies and how you can deal with each scenario so that you know what to expect and have the most positive experience possible!

Hiring Painters is too Expensive

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that professionals are outside of your price range. Sure, the paint itself at the local hardware store might be on sale and seem more attractive to you than the thought of hiring a crew to come in, but don’t forget that there is much more to painting that simply buying the paint. Furniture needs to be moved and covered with drop sheets, cleaning and sanding surfaces needs to be done and masking as well as tiny repairs in the surfaces to be painted are also required before you can even touch a paintbrush or roller! By the time you purchase all of your own equipment and materials (that you will likely never use again) you have already spent a fair bit of money and there is still a great deal of your own time that has to be invested as well. Not only have you purchased all the equipment, but you likely haven’t purchased professional quality supplies, which means that the final product will not last as long or be as professional-looking, no matter how hard you try.

Hiring a Professional Should Cost the Same for Me As My Neighbor

Just because your neighbor has a home that is just about the same size as yours doesn’t mean that the cost to hire a professional painter will be exactly the same. The price you are charged for professional painting will vary greatly depending on your specific needs, the colors and types of paint you have chosen as well as the general condition of your home. Also, the style of painting that you choose can cause a price difference as well. For example, if you have ceiling moldings and various door moldings that need to be painted separately from your walls or you have chosen to paint your walls with a neat pattern or color, chances are that you will be paying more than someone who opted to paint everything plain white. Also, if your walls need some minor touch-ups, perhaps to hide old nail holes or dents, then professionals will likely need to take time for this as well. Reputable professionals are usually willing to provide quotes before the work begins, so you can have an idea of the total cost without relying on what your neighbor paid.

You Can Save Money by Buying the Materials Yourself

When looking for a way to cut down on costs, buying the material on your own and then providing it to the painters that you hire seems like a good compromise at first glance. However, professional painters have access to products that are not available for sale to the public and can get these products at a reasonable price. These products are more durable, tend to have more vibrant pigments, and will likely come with some kind of quality guarantee. By buying your own materials, you run the risk of choosing a product that just won’t last, or worse, you could end up buying a defective paint that takes days and days to dry or just peels off. It is also important to consider that professionals are aware of which products work well together and which ones don’t. Even the kind of masking tape you buy is important. The cheap store brands might leak and give you rough edges, whereas the professionals would have nice, crisp lines thanks to their superior products and expertise. It’s honestly not worth your time and effort and buying your own materials probably won’t save you very much anyways. 

You Have to Move Out All Your Belongings When It’s Time to Paint

One of the best aspects of hiring a professional painting company is that you aren’t left with a huge mess afterwards and you certainly don’t need to move all of your furniture and belongings out of the house. Professionals are used to working around furniture and know how to protect your property from paint spills and mishaps. When attempting to paint a room yourself, some furniture would very likely get damaged in the process because buying all the necessary drop sheets and finding someone to help you move furniture would be troublesome at best. Overall, you just can’t beat a professional when it comes to painting your home!

All in all, hiring a professional painting company is not something that needs to cause you to worry or distress. It is actually quite the opposite since your life will be so much easier when you let professionals handle all the details of what can sometimes be a very complex job. Hiring painters will save you money, time, frustration, and will keep your furniture and personal belongings safe. Don’t make the mistake of taking the DIY route on this one, hire a professional near you and enjoy your beautifully painted home in no time at all!

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