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4 Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Naples Painter

The interior of a home is something to take pride in. The feel of a room can be influenced by the color and condition of the walls. The impression guests get from your living space can be greatly diminished by peeling paint, uneven coats and even unfinished wall space.

When you contact our Naples interior painters, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems. We take pride in our work and believe that every job deserves the highest quality service and results.

We understand your home is one of your most important investments and should be taken care of. Our Naples interior painting company can save you the hassle of the several painting errors below that homeowners encounter by doing it right the first time.

Purchasing cheap paint

The first and most common painting error is purchasing cheap paint. This may conserve funds in the beginning, however cheaper paints are much more difficult to apply. They require more brushing, rolling, and retouching as well as requiring many more coats to achieve a uniform look.

Low-cost paints are also much less durable than high-quality paints. Dirt, scuff marks, and smudges will ruin a cheaply painted wall, whereas quality paints are manufactured to be stain resistant. The quality paint is also able to be cleaned without harming the color or integrity of the paintjob.

While high-quality paint will cost more up front, it will also save a lot of money as it will not need to be redone for many years. Our Naples painters use only the best paint for each job so that you won’t need to worry about your home looking anything less than stunning for years to come.

Surface preparation

Room prep is an often neglected step in the interior painting process, which is why our Naples interior painters set ourselves apart with our meticulous preparation. From protecting your carpet with a drop cloth to spackling over nail holes in the walls, we do it all. Attention to the minute details is one of the many ways our Naples painting company provides a high-quality service.

We know that without decent preparation, no paintjob can be successful, even with the best paint available. The preparation steps taken include moving the furniture and wall art from the room, covering the carpet with a drop cloth, inspecting walls for cracks or imperfections and filling them in, priming the wall and more. Without these steps, you may find your errors in your paint job or paint stained floor.

Not testing color

An often overlooked step in the interior painting process is color testing. Many neglect painting a small portion of the wall in the room in order to see how it will look when dry and in that particular light.

This results in a very dissatisfied owner as the color is not what was envisioned for the room. We understand that you have an image of what the overall space will be and we make it our utmost focus to achieve that. Many colors look different wet than they do dry and this can be quite overwhelming when trying to find that one perfect shade.

Our Naples interior painters will not only provide expert advice as to the color but will also test the color and show you what the finished product would look like before painting the entire room. This will not only make the process less stressful but it will take the guessing out of painting for you.

Not allowing enough time between coats

If the paint requires multiple coats, it is important to allow anywhere from 2-24 hours between paint coats. The time between coats depends on the type of paint being used. This allows the paint to not only dry but also to cure before the finish coat is applied.

This crucial point is often overlooked due to the fact paint may feel dry to the touch minutes after being applied. Our Naples painting company allows the paint to cure fully as this will help the second coat to go on smooth and create a much more durable paintjob in the end. Applying the next coat too soon will result in visible brush strokes, smears and the paint peeling off in some places.

Make the right choice

Our interior painters in Naples, FL are professional and knowledgeable. Using only the highest quality tools and methods are what set us apart from other painters in Naples. Mistakes made in haste or to avoid cost such as using cheap paint, skipping wall preparation, and cheating drying times are errors are what our Naples painters will spare you from.

You can have the room you want without the struggle of repeating steps and fixing mistakes made by careless painters. We are passionate about providing you with the home of your dreams and making sure it lasts you for years to come.

We offer free estimates! To get your free estimate or if you want to learn more about our Naples, FL painters, contact us here or call us today at 239.600.1418.

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