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4 things to consider before painting your kitchen cabinets


Painting isn’t something that you can start any time. Instead, it needs proper planning. When you start painting the kitchen cabinets can have many different answers depending on your plans, work, holidays, etc. You need to figure out when you’re going to do it, who’s going to do it, the color you want, and more. If you are doing it yourself, you need to get the supplies, do the prep work, and actually paint all the cabinets which takes time to paint and to dry.

Consider the paint type and color:

Paint type and color are very important. Because the cabinets can be made from different materials, the type of paint you use needs to be compatible with them. You don’t want poor adhesion or the material to soak up a lot of the paint.

The color you choose sets the tone for the entire kitchen. White or a slight off-white color is the most ideal color that you can use, but it’s not the only one. You can use browns, blues, greens among a variety of other colors. When it comes to resale value however, white is the most common because it appeals to the most people.

Do the prep work:

The process we use requires cabinets to be cleaned thoroughly. When they are clean, we then lightly sand them which will help the primer adhere to the surface of the cabinets. Applying the right type of primer is crucial to the success of the paint adhering properly to the cabinets.

Do the actual painting:

If you plan on doing it yourself, it may be helpful to watch tutorials online on how to paint kitchen cabinets. You will get a better idea of how to paint the wood surfaces. Painting seems easy, but it can be tricky, time consuming and expensive. If you mess up and then want to hire a professional, it will cost you more money in the end because of all the time wasted.

It is a lot easier and faster to hire a professional painting company. They paint each and every day for a living so you know they have the experience to complete your job.

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