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5 Myths about hiring a painting company

Even if you don’t know what a certain profession does, you might have a general idea. Painters paint right? But it’s important to know that these ideas aren’t always right. This can make it difficult for homeowners when the time rolls around for you to find a new exterior or interior painter. There is a lot of information out there, and when you ask there are even more opinions available. You might not know what exactly a painting company does or what to expect from them. Add in referrals and contracts and you may feel way out of your comfort zone.

It is the job of the painting company to show you that they are dependable and that you can be comfortable leaving your project in their hands, but it’s also important that you feel good and knowledgeable about contacting a painting company in the first place. There are many common myths that people have about interior/exterior painting companies. You can use these as starting points when you’re considering whether or not you’d like to hire a painting company.

Myth: Professionals are expensive

This is untrue in most business situations, so why would it have to be the case here? Professionals do not have to be expensive to be good. You get what you pay for though, so in these instances it’s a good idea to think about what you’re getting. A professional painting job means no worry on your end and a job that will last. It means you aren’t paying for the tools and materials to do it yourself and that you don’t have to worry about DIY mistakes.

As with many services you can always shop around for quotes and compare prices. It’s important to get quotes from three or more businesses. The market dictates fair value of service so be wary of any prices that are too high or too low. The lowest bid can often carry the highest risk. Feel free to ask for a written estimate that includes all costs and work to be done.

Myth: DIY is the same as a professional painter

You’ve pinned a bunch of home improvement projects to your Pinterest board, half of them are painting projects and you’ve got a free weekend coming up. Painting can’t be that hard to do, right? You can do just as good of a job and not even have to spend any extra money.

This is false (and not just the not spending extra money part). Homeowners might think that they can do a job as good as a professional painting company. But if they could, we wouldn’t need professional painters. It’s just not that easy.

DIY means a few things. It means that you can choose the wrong materials. It means that you can overspend on these materials. And it also means that if you mess up, you’d be stuck having to redo the job that you just did, possibly without knowing what you’ve messed up in the first place. The thing to consider here is this, when DIY goes wrong, then who do you call? Wouldn’t you rather just save the money you’d spend DIY-ing and have it done right in the first place?

Myth: House painting requires no skill

Most professional painters paint every single day at their job. They’re called professionals for a reason. They didn’t just watch a YouTube video and figure they knew what they were doing; their knowledge comes with experience to back it up. They know the best tips and tricks; they have the best tools and materials that they use daily.

House painting by a professional painting company means that your job is going to be done with the best possible paints and that it’s going to last you a long time. It means you’re getting an even coat with the least amount of imperfections. It means proper protection from paint splatters, no drips and marks.

Myth: Save money by buying the materials yourself

In some cases if you buy the materials for a job yourself, it can save you money. When it comes to a painting job, this isn’t really the case. Different painting companies have different products that they trust and stand by. You can always request a specific brand and type if you have a problem with the type or brand they suggest using.

When you walk in to paint stores, you are only buying a few gallons at a time, typically just once or twice and then won’t step foot in there again for several years. A painting company on the other hand can purchase hundreds of gallons of paint per month with them. This allows the painting companies to have long term relationships with the paint store and allows them to get a better deal on paint and materials.

Not only can they typically get a better price, but they also know how much materials they will need for the job. If you need to paint a couple rooms and don’t purchase enough paint, then they will be waiting on you to bring more paint for them to finish the job.

Myth: the price of similar sized properties should be identical

One of the ways you hear about successful businesses is via word of mouth, or usually a friend/friend of a friend. One thing that you can’t do in that scenario is hearing about someone else’s paint job and assuming that your job will be the same price because of the similarities between the two. Each job that a painting company does is an individual job. There’s more for them to take in to consideration than just the size of the job (although that is a major factor).

When quoting a painting job, the painters have to take many factors into account before coming up with a price. Some of these factors are the amount of people needed and hours to complete. The types of surfaces to paint and if it is textured or smooth. The sheen of the paint and the number of coats needed. The number of surfaces to paint. The height of the walls. The cost of materials. The amount of prep work needed before painting can begin. Basing the price on your friend’s house and yours to determine the price will most likely not be the exact same. That’s why most professional painting companies offer free estimates.

Get a free painting estimate

Talking to a painting company is really the best way to answer any of your questions. They can get you started with an estimate for a paint job that you have in mind.

A professional painting company will be dependable and make you comfortable about giving your job to them. They will walk you through every step of the process, answer any questions and address any concerns.

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