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Benefits of Interior Painting Before You Move in

Moving into a new home is a stressful time for many homeowners since there is so much going on at once. It is extremely easy to forget that there are a few simple things that can be done to make the move easier and to make the home feel great right from the very beginning. One of the most important things that a homeowner can do is plan to have the entire interior of the home painted before moving in. Even though this seems like a lot of extra planning to do among the million things there are to arrange during a move, it really is one of the most practical and beneficial choices that anyone moving into a new home can make! In fact, hiring a professional team to complete the work makes the whole process very simple and can even remove a great deal of stress from the whole move.

Your Home is a Blank Canvas

The period of time that becomes available between the previous owner moving out and the new owner moving in is key to completing a paint job in record time and with minimal arrangements. How so? Well, an empty house is truly a blank canvas just waiting to be painted. This is because there isn’t any furniture or artwork in the way of the walls and other surfaces. They can be accessed without having to move everything in the home, so many rooms can be painted within a much shorter timeframe. For example, if a room needs to be painted two-tone, one color on the top half and one color on the bottom half, running a straight line across the wall with masking tape is infinitely easier when there isn’t a single piece of furniture or other obstacle in the way. It also allows the homeowner to see the space to be painted without the influence of furniture to throw off how a room might look after it is painted.


As mentioned earlier, the paint job can get done much faster without obstacles in the way. Not only can the actual painting get done faster, but a whole step of the painting process is removed entirely: the covering and protecting of personal belongings such as couches and tables with plastic sheets. Normally, this is a required step of any paintjob and if an entire home is to be painted, then this step can take up a great deal of time. By removing this step entirely, the job is done sooner and you will need to pay less labor hours compared to a home that is full to the brim with furninture. With all of this saved time, should you realize that the color you chose was a horrible mistake, there will most certainly be extra time available to choose another color and to have the new color cover up the old one. Think of the extra time as an insurance policy that guarantees that you will love the final product before moving in!


By having everything set and ready to go before moving in your furniture, moving into a new home becomes less of a stressful experience and more of an exciting one. If all the hard work of painting and planning is already finished, the only thing to do after placing all the furniture is to sit back and enjoy the new, personalized space. When painting an entire home needs to be done after furniture has already been moved in, it can actually feel like moving day is happening all over again because everything needs to be carefully wrapped up and organized so that painters can come through the home and easily access all important areas for the paint job. Some homeowners prefer to be away from their home if every room is being painted at once, since there will inevitably be dust and paint fumes around the home for at least a few days. Of course, professional painters are experts at making a paintjob unfold with as little disruption as possible, but after a long and tiring move any interruption to a normal routine can be frustrating.

In general, having a home painted before arriving is an absolutely wonderful experience. You don’t need to be around for any of the work, your schedule isn’t interrupted in the slightest, placing furniture is a one-time job and costs are reduced thanks to the easy access and the loss of the furniture covering step. There isn’t any reason to hold off until everything is moved in when you consider all the benefits of having it all done beforehand. Lastly, walking into a perfectly painted home makes moving in that much more special and exciting!

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