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How Do I Know When I Need Interior or Exterior Painting?

Exterior or interior painting can be a big job, but it is a very exciting improvement for your home. The fresh look of new paint always adds a quality look to your home and is a great way to make a space your own and to really show off your personal style. However, many homeowners aren’t sure about when they need to have painting done. It is always okay to have painting done simply to change the style of your home, but many homeowners want to know when painting is recommended rather than simply desired. Below are a few of the key signs that you should consider having the interior or the exterior of you home painted.

When to have the Outside of your Home Painted?

Have you walked around your house lately and noticed that the siding seems to look dirtier than before? Have you tried cleaning it, but the clean look just doesn’t seem to last? If it has been a few years since the outside of your home was painted or if you can’t even remember when it was last painted, then there is a good chance that the paint is becoming porous with age and dirt is getting trapped in the pores much more easily than before. These pores trap much more than dirt. During the rainy season, water can seep into the siding through these tiny pores and can cause damage to the siding. Not only can water seeping in cause mould, it can also cause the siding to rot away. Mould and rot are both very bad for your siding and can cause it to need to be replaced sooner than later. Therefore, when you notice that the paint is holding dirt and grime much more than before, it is time to start planning to paint the exterior of your home in order to preserve its integrity. If you aren’t sure that the paint is actually becoming porous, you can always wipe a clean cloth on the paint of the siding and see if paint-coloured powder comes off on the cloth. When this happens, the paint is beyond the porous stage and urgently needs to be redone. This happens most often with white paints and in climates where the sun is constantly wearing down the paint on the outside of homes.

When to have the Inside of your Home Painted?

If the interior paint of your home is starting to flake in certain places or if it is starting to get a dull finish, it may be time to consider repainting. Flaking paint can be a sign of age, meaning that the walls haven’t been painted in quite some time. There is no way to stop the flaking or peeling once it has started, so repainting is the only real option in this scenario. All the flaked paint will have to be removed before the new paint can be applied, otherwise the new paint will flake off as well and will never have the quality look that most homeowners desire.

Faded paint is another sign that interior paint is needed. Look at parts of your wall that experience a great deal of sunlight exposure throughout the day. Hot climates can also accelerate fading. Whites and very light colors will not show the fading in a way that makes your wall look unattractive, but more bold colors such as reds and navy blues will drastically lose their quality appearance as well as their vibrancy once fading sets in. Like cracking or peeling, the only way to solve the problem of a faded wall is to have the wall repainted with fresh color. However, sometimes the preparation for a faded wall is easier since the wall can simply be sanded before painting instead of trying to completely remove the old paint before starting other preparation work.

Bathrooms are a great place to check for interior paint work. It is one of the places in your home that needs to have quality paint in order to keep the walls of your home in good shape. This is because bathrooms are exposed to a great deal of moisture on a regular basis, which is a big threat to your paint. If bubbles form under the paint from too much humidity, then you have a clear sign that the paint isn’t acting as a barrier against the water as it once did. This is an important warning to have the bathroom repainted before the wall is damaged by water getting behind the paint or soaking through the old paint and into the drywall. Getting a paintjob done is much cheaper than having the drywall replaced!

Overall, the signs that painting is needed are quite clear once you know what to look for. When in doubt, asking a trusted professional for a quote is a great idea because they can tell you if your home really does need painting or if there is actually a different problem that is damaging your paint. Although it may be upsetting to find that your current paint is wearing out or should be redone, think of it as an opportunity to make your home look amazing and as a chance to prevent any nasty home repairs that could have been avoided had you paid attention to your paint sooner.

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