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How Important are Reviews When Hiring a Painting Company?

When it comes to choosing the right paint company, customer reviews are very important. For all you know this paint company could have performed the worst painting job on someone’s house. Technology has changed over the years, whether for better or for worse. Instead of relying on word of mouth, it’s time to turn to online reviews. Here are 7 reasons why it is necessary to check reviews of paint companies before hiring.

What Should Be in a Company Review?

Online reviews signify the quality of the company. Reviews make the company visible to the world. Whether a positive or a negative review, customers evaluate how this company is useful to their needs. Write a review of the necessary information. Don’t just stick to the positive elements of the company. Every review has to have some downfall.

Reviews Should Have:

  • Positive/Negative Reaction
  • Companies Skillset
  • Length of Time
  • Trust/Respect
  • Evaluate if Objectives met with Expectation
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Good Use of Grammar
  • When it was last Updated

1. Quality of the Paint Company

Reviews imply the quality of the paint company. Study the language in the review. See if the flow of words advocates what a person would truly say. Go by the star ratings. Is the company given a 5-star rating or is it only given one star? Read all the information given in that review. Evaluate the customer’s tone and if they liked the company.

2. Checking Out Skill Level

Painting skill is everything when it comes to searching for the right paint company. A review gives customers more of an idea of what they are looking for. Are you searching for someone to paint the inside of your house or the exterior? Do they understand which color goes where?

How fast can a paint company get the job done? That’s what you want to know. Paint companies who take months to complete the simplest task are not the painters you are looking for. Set up guidelines with the painters about what assignments you want to be done. Painters that only perform one coating of paint are not painters.

3. Get a Feel for Others Personal Experience

We’re all humans. We all have different opinions. Online reviews are tough to decipher opinions. Reviews are vital to present personal experience with each painting company.

Decide if you’ll be able to have your full trust in this painting company. Upon finishing your service with the painting contractors write a review to evaluate your experience to let other customers know if you were treated poorly or if it was the best service you’ve had in your life.

4. Cost of the Company

All businesses have various prices. Some are overly expensive while other paint companies have an affordable price. In your search for a painting company, it is always a wise decision to ask what the project is going to cost. Nobody should ever walk into this blind.

Reviews direct searching customers if a paint company charged more than agreed upon or determine the cost upfront. Reviews save your wallet from wasting money.

5. Relying on Reviews

The one problem with relying on online reviews is that you don’t know which reviews are being sincere. Sometimes it’s the customers who are not satisfied with the work. That’s why it is essential to look at all the reviews on the company page instead of making up your mind with the first review that you read.

6. Did They Provide Great Customer Service?

Customer service is everything. Aside from the company’s skill tactics, how were they in their interactions? Did they greet you or did they hardly ask you any questions about what you wanted to include for the project?

Reviews that address problems are affective in your decision process. Respect is one of the most important determinants of any business. After all, painting companies are using your house. Take note if the painting company trashed the customer’s house without cleaning up after themselves. And did they get along with members of the household?

7. Does the Company Acknowledge Their Reviews?

As noted, the social factor is another important part of reviews for a painting company. Does the company respond to their reviews? A business wants to keep customers happy. Every business will receive a negative review. Note how they respond to that negative review.

Companies who acknowledged the problem from reviews and made improvements are the best. This means that you should avoid working with businesses that don’t try to fix their key issues.

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