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How to Choose A Sheen For Interior Painting

When it comes to painting, the sheen is an important part of the paint selection. When someone comes in your home, one of the first things they’ll notice is your walls and the color they are painted. It is the center of attention for anyone who walks into your home.

Choosing the right color is a difficult task. Lucky for you, the professionals will be able to help you with that. After selecting the right color, you have to battle with the choice of the sheen. Again, the professionals will help you with that if you have a tough time making up your mind. Before picking up a sheen randomly, you must do what each has to offer.

There are several basics you should know when it comes to the sheen of paint. Let’s get into the different sheens and some information about each.


This is a low-sheen paint with a finish that does not reflect. It makes the paint look nice because it can cover small mistakes. It is perfect for little traffic areas, such as inner walls and ceiling. Flat finish is regularly used in innovative construction and on the ceiling because it is an expert at hiding mistakes.

Since flat paint doesn’t reflect light straightaway, faultiness in ceilings and walls are much less visible. Flat textures are supreme for use on innovative drywall that accompanies an imperfect taping job or where permeable joint compound dwells. There are some problems with flat paint though.

  • Since flat sheen does not reflect, it can make the room feel dark.
  • Flat paint difficult to clean. If you spill a drink, it will be tough to wipe it off the walls.


Matte is similar to flat; therefore, many new construction homes are using it. It comes with a quiet reflective surface that is tough, touches up well, easy to clean, and also hides slight surface deficiencies.

That is why you can see that flat and matte is somewhat similar because they can hide mistakes and should be in rooms where there is less traffic.

You can use this in your bedroom, dining room or the living room. The light will diffuse in various angles, so you will not be able to make the flaws visible.

Flat or matte paint delivers an elegant and smooth finish, but the flat one is tough to clean because they absorb the dirt.

Eggshell Enamel

This sheen comes with a silky and soft appearance and is ideal for areas with a little crowd such as living rooms or family room. Low-luster finish’s another name is the Eggshell since the little sheen they provide is comparable in looks to the outer part of an egg. It can produce a velvety and smooth finish.

They do not hold in the dirt unlike the flat one so you can have clean and beautiful walls. The eggshell finish is easy to wash and is resistant to dust. It is ideal for walls but not trim around windows, doors, etc. Cleaning will not hurt the surface.

Though it is comparable to the flat sheen, eggshell can reflect light. It is more durable than the flat sheen, though.

Satin Enamel

If someone is wishing to have a pearl-like look on their walls and is painting reasonable to a too much-crowded area of the home, they should pick this. If an area has exposure to moisture such as the kitchen, satin is ideal for that place. They have a soft sheen and will not glare. You can clean them easily; they are tough, and you can also have them in other areas of the house.

It is better than the other sheens as it is easy to maintain and delivers light reflection, so your room does not remain dark. You will get a mixture of beauty and elegance when you have satin walls.

Many people underestimate its qualities. You can clean it effortlessly. It will not matter if someone stains the wall accidently. That is why they are suitable for rooms with most gathering. Satin, just like Eggshell Enamel provides more warmth and depth.

The ability to resist moisture makes them suitable not only for kitchens but also bathrooms, playrooms and laundry room.

Satin sheens deliver a somewhat more reflective external texture and are brilliant at counterattacking stains, mild dirt and assembling to suit in the rooms people stay the most. Cleaning them is much easier than cleaning eggshell enamel.

Semi-Gloss Enamel

If you are looking for a shining and glowing sheen that is ideal from trim to cabinets and areas with the crowd and moisture, then look no further. Contrasting to lower-gloss ones, the semi-gloss creates a lively, gleaming look. It is hard-wearing and appealingly attractive.

You can have a problem with sticking other than that it is perfect for places with moisture. It is an excellent way to brighten your walls with this kind of sheen. It is easy to maintain, and they require sanding for best results. You can use this in bathrooms, kitchens, hallway, trim and molding. When it comes to adorning kitchens, bathrooms, and other damp areas, semi-gloss is the primary option. While they offer a real answer for trim, it is an outstanding choice for places where splashes happen, and parts where you will be bound to wipe off.

Hi-Gloss Enamel

HI-glossy enamel can deliver a look similar to coating or plastic. They are more reflective than semi-gloss sheen and are resistant to stain and dirt. It is the exact opposite of flat ones when it about exposing flaws. It has a glass-like appearance which would enhance the beauty of your room.

The hi-gloss sheen has the ability to reflect light and disclose every surface faultiness is making it problematic to put on well.

Now that you know some information about the different types of sheens, it can give you a better understanding for which type to have on certain walls.

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