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How to Select Accent Walls and Color Options

Want to create a fresh new look for a room? Not sure, how to do that? We will tell you the secrets to choosing the right accents and colors for your wall. Accents create a fresh new look and they also make the space standout. Here is the planning process on how to choose color options for painting your walls. Once you have picked your colors, it is time to start painting.

How Do I Choose the Right Wall?

Start by looking for the focal point in the room. What do you see when you first walk into a room? The wall that draws the most attention is the wall that you should focus on. Some examples to help you with accents are walls that have fireplaces, a bookshelf, or a distinctive piece of furniture.

Or if the room does not have a focal point, make your own. Use the furniture that you have to create a space. Picture frames or indoor plants make the room stand out all the more once it is painted. The accent wall determines the color scheme.

One other tip to keep in mind is that you should go with the wall that has no doors or windows. Accents look better against walls that do not have an opening. If you do an accent over a wall with a window or a door, it is distracting. Select the farthest wall in a room. Accent the shortest wall rather than the longest wall.

There are many ways to selecting the right accent color. It all depends on what colors you like.

What Mood Do You Want to Create?

When it comes to painting the wall, the color scheme is up to you. How does this room reflect the color you have chosen? Colors reflect different energies, tones, and atmospheres. Choose colors that have calming accents over colors that give the area a jarring atmosphere.

Muted Colors are Better Than Bold Colors

Before you go ahead and paint the room with your favorite color, how will it stand out in the room? Take a look at trends. Or go with a neutral color. Consider the shades of the color and get examples. Opt for muted shades of colors to make them stand out on the wall.

Choose a Darker Color from the Other Walls

You’ll be surprised to learn that rooms that have both a darker and lighter shade draw people in more. Lighter accent walls in a darker room work best. It’s risky to do this, but it is an experiment to try out. Try out any experiment to make sure that it won’t make the room look off-balance.

Avoid Color Coordinating

The accent should work with the existing colors in the room. Replicate a current color scheme. Most importantly, avoid color coordinating in a room. Rooms that have matching colors are not a good choice. Use colors that contrast with the dominant color.

Choosing a Color

Choosing colors is easier than choosing an accent color. Learn about these tips before you make your first pick. Learn how to mix, match, and blend colors for your accent wall. Be true to yourself when choosing the color for your wall. Here are a few tips about colors.

Warm Colors

Orange, yellow, and red are colors that meet the eye. These colors work for a bedroom.

Cool Colors

Green, Blue, and Purple are the best for a smaller bedroom. These colors make a narrow bedroom look wider in its appearance.

Monochromatic Colors

We understand that most people would go for brighter colors to fill out a room, but here is a tip. Take the time to learn about monochromatic colors. Or in other words, subtlety. Using vivid colors bring out subtle detail in the walls. Use a saturated tone. For bedroom walls, take a look at your bedding. That color will tie it all together.

Pop of Color

Most people are very different when it comes to choosing colors. Examples of a pop of colors are turquoise, navy blue, and black. Neon and pastels are included. Navy is a great color that makes the wall stand out.


We understand that not many people want to paint their wall black, but don’t overlook it. It’s a great choice for an accent wall. It makes artwork pop.

Pale Pink

Neutral colors like pink make your walls appear light and cheerful. This color works in a space with a lot of light and with neutral furniture around. The brighter colors and patterns, the pale pink is the best color choice for the room. 

There are many factors when it comes to choosing an accent wall and color. If you would like an estimate for interior painting or have any questions, contact us here or call us directly at 239.600.1418.

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