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How to select the right accent walls & colors

When it comes to interior designing or decorating, accent walls and colors are imperative to make the room look more unique and make it stand out.  However, many don’t have an idea about how to select an accent wall and colors.

Accent walls are the interior walls that have different paint, patterns, and shades from other walls around them. Typically, one wall is painted with a different color than the others, and that wall is the accent wall.

There are not any rules to select the accent walls and color. However, there are certainly some points and recommendations that you need to consider before deciding about the accent walls.

How to choose the right accent walls:

There are no specific rules for choosing accent walls. Interior designers do have some ideas that could help you select the accent walls.

  1. The wall that you see when entering a room is can typically be an accent wall. But this not true all the time. Sometimes you walk in and it leads into the kitchen or a hallway. It’s probably not the best idea to have a different color right in front of you when you walk in. However, if it opens up into a larger room and there isn’t a lot of windows and doors on that wall, then it could be a good choice for an accent wall.
  2. A second option for the accent wall could be one that has a reflection of sunlight. If you enter a room and the sun’s rays brighten up a specific side of walls, it could also be a contender for an accent walls.
  3. Lastly, it could be an accent wall if you want the objects to pop. You may put some pictures and artistic things on the accent walls. This draws your eyes to the wall, and in turn the objects on the wall.

After choosing the right accent wall, now it is time to find out the right accent color.

How to select the right accent color:

There might not be anyone except you who could answer you this. Because at the end of the day, you are going to live in your home. You will need to choose a color that you love on your walls.

But the best we can do is to put some recommendations for you to select eye-catching and stunning accent paints.

  1. Moreover, most people use cool and thick paints for accent walls like red, green, violet, a much darker color of the other walls around it, etc., and the rest walls are painted with considerable lighter colors. The mixture of light and dark colors brings a significant look to the walls.
  2. Another rule that most interior designers suggest is the use of the same light colors, as you use in the darker category. Like if you select a light gray color for your normal walls, a darker gray wall will make it pop.

These are some recommendations regarding choosing the right accent walls and colors.

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