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How to Tell When You Need Exterior Painting

There are many ways to tell when you need exterior painting. For starters, it’s smart to be on the lookout for any chipping paint on the exterior of your house. Although every house is different, you should regularly wash the exterior of your house. Here are 8 signs in which you need to give the exterior a fresh new coat of paint.

1. House Maintenance

How the house has been maintained over time is a crucial way to tell that your house needs a new paint job. The sun hitting the paint is the reason behind why it fades. Lighter high-quality paints last longer. For new homeowners who just bought a house, you do not always know when the last time it was painted. While the paint may be good, you can always update it to match your style.

If you can, get that information from the owners so you have an idea of how long it has been on there and the quality of the paint they used. 

2. Cracked Paint

Paint that is cracking, bubbling, or peeling is a telltale sign. You will want to take action sooner than later. If you have any wood of the house and it is exposed, you don’t want that. If your stucco is cracked, it could cause long-term damage if either is exposed to rain.

Paint on your house protects your home from elements. Cracked paint is not a good sign because unwelcomed guests like moisture arrive. Moisture ruins the exterior of the house. Not to mention, it is very expensive to have repaired. Paint your house at the first sign and save money in the long run.

3. The Stucco or Wood is Damaged

Paint not only brings out the color of your house, but it also protects the stucco and wood from damages. Like paint, surfaces don’t last forever either. Assess the damage and repair the surface of the house. And then, give the house a fresh new coat of paint to prevent further damages from occurring. It acts as a protective layer.

4. The Colors are Fading

The exterior of your house goes through a battle of its own. The wind hits it, the sun pounds its rays against the exterior all summer, and it is constantly hit by rain. Paint does not last forever. It fades, and eventually needs to be updated.

Fading paint is also a sign that the paint is no longer providing the right protection for your house. At the first sign that the color of your house is in the stages of fading take action and paint over it.

5. Mold and Moisture Stains

Mold is not a good sign. It’s not healthy to be around either. Pay close attention if it is mold or a surface stain because pressure washers easily remove any grease. Stains that are not removable are a sign of deeper damage.

Have a professional take a look at the exterior to make a better assessment. While you can simply kill the mold and paint over it, however, these signs are a clue for extensive damage.

6. The Caulk is Cracking

Caulking surrounds the doors and windows of the house. It properly seals them. Upon seeing caulk crack then you should repair the area immediately. Never leave any area of the house untreated unless you will moisture seep in causing more damages to erupt. You don’t want that. Add a fresh layer of paint to the area to protect it.

7. The Color is the Issue

The best part about being human is that everyone is different. And we change. It’s okay to dislike the color of the house. Choose your own aesthetic and pick a color that says you. Because trends change, colors are no longer popular. To get back into the trend, look up what colors are on the market right now.

Not everybody has to follow trends. Consider the style of your home, other house colors in your neighborhood, and your environment. Paint colors are tough to choose. In the end, how you feel about the color of the house is what counts.

8. The House is New

Other than selling the house, a new house that is fresh off the market might need a fresh new coat of paint. Some home contractors don’t use quality paint when painting the house in order to save money. Once you buy the house, the paint job that the contractors did may last less than three years. A fresh coat of paint gives the house longevity. You have time to decide what colors to pick.

As a new homeowner, you have to look out for your new home. Life gets busy, but your house matters. Pay attention to the exterior of your home to see when it needs a new paint job.

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