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Naples Skim Coating

Naples, FL Skim Coating

Skim Coating can be a time consuming, pricey and difficult job when it comes down to it. But you don’t need to worry about that because Wendel Works has all of the expertise that you need.

Skim coating is the process of making a wall smooth. There are five levels of wall smoothness; level one and two are typically reserved for unfinished basements and attics or places that are hidden from view.

Level five coating is what skim coating is and it is reserved for places that can receive high levels of scrutiny in various different types of lighting.

This process is used to hide incorrect taping, and to give the wall a smooth plaster like surface. This level of coating is difficult to do and should be left to the professionals. That’s where Wendel Works comes in.

Our skilled and experienced craftsmen can give your wall the smoothest application available. This time consuming hassle of a job can be as easy for you as picking up the phone and giving us a call. We’ll take it from there.

Beginning with a proper surface priming job, we use high quality materials to prime the area to be coated. The primer will seal the material and give the Skim Coating topcoat a much better adhesion. Next we carefully apply the skim coat, paying special attention to the surface to make sure it is as smooth as possible.

After allowing it to dry we can sand to even further diminish the appearance of any defects. Then finally, your top coat is done. But our job isn’t done there. We apply multiple coats, going over our work each step of the way, but we know our job isn’t complete until we know we have your are satisfied.

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