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Naples Surface Preparation

Naples, FL Surface Preparation

You might think that the first part of your home improvement project is something big – like doing the actual painting. But the most important step of any job is the surface preparation beforehand. Whether you are doing interior or exterior painting, a restoration or protective coating project, the first step must be surface preparation.

The experienced experts at Wendel Works know what must be done before each and every project to ensure that your job will be a quality job. If proper surface preparation is done, then that job can last for a very long time. We want our customers to remain happy with our service long after we are gone.

Surface preparation ensures that the condition of the surface you apply the work to is even and prepared to hold on to that work. Most coating and painting failures can be linked to improper surface preparation.

If the loose, flaky pieces aren’t removed before the work is started, they will most likely come off after the job is done.

Even if the area appears like it wouldn’t need prep, it should still be done! Our professional craftsmen know this information and clean with the best available solvents and materials to remove any dirt. Sometimes grease and other kinds of grime can be hard to see. You wouldn’t even know it was there until your paint or coating won’t stick to the surface.

Our hard working Naples painters will wash and clean all necessary surfaces with detergent and other cleaning solutions first. Then this will be followed by the removal of any other loose materials, such as rust or paint, using wire brushes, sanding blocks and other materials.

Our team knows what steps must be done for prep according to what surface types.

We can look at it this way, if your project was a home, then the surface prep would be the very foundation. If the foundation is not good, the house can lean or collapse and it won’t last nearly as long as a home with a solid foundation. All the work that is put in and it’s for nothing without proper, professional surface preparation.

Make sure your home project has a great foundation. Contact us today to get a free estimate or call us at 239.600.1418.

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