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Should I Paint The Interior Before I Sell My Home?

Selling a home can be exciting, as it is often the first step towards a new home that is full of potential and aspirations. However, it can also be a time in a homeowner’s life that is extremely stressful due to the many decisions and the massive amount of preparation that goes into getting a home ready for a sale. Saying goodbye to a home can also be emotional due to the memories that people tend to attribute to their residence, which makes added stress an absolute nightmare. One of the main questions that homeowners ask themselves when setting up their home for sale is if they should invest in interior painting before putting the property on the market. They often hesitate when making this decision because it can be difficult to determine if the increase in home value will be worth the initial expense and trying to figure this out on your own can be frustrating. Below are a few guidelines to help you make a decision that is in your best interest and will hopefully take some stress off your mind!

The Appeal of your Home

When a homeowner is ready to sell, a key concept to keep in mind is that the general appeal of their home is of utmost importance. The housing market is bursting with gorgeous homes and perhaps there are nicer looking homes on the market within the same price range you are hoping to get for your property. In this situation, a buyer might choose a fresh, new looking interior over a bigger yard or other redeeming qualities of your home. In order to beat out the competition and make an unforgettable first impression on buyers, adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior is a huge advantage and can help sell your home faster. Waiting months on end for a sale to go through is exhausting and can make finances tight. Keep in mind that buyers can be nervous too, so don’t let old paint be a reason to dislike your home or to try and barter on the price.

The Color Scheme

Have you painted your home in colors that really reflect your personality? Or perhaps you haven’t painted your home at all, but love the charm of old paint or eras gone by? Unfortunately, most buyers are not going to love your style choices as much as you do. In fact, it is shown that neutral colors and subtle patterns are the best choice when selling a home, so that the new buyers can picture decorating the house to suit their own personal tastes. Having too much personal flare and style can actually put off a potential buyer because the house just won’t feel like it could be their own without a lot of work. Also, a new paint job will make your home more modern and fresh feeling, which always leaves a good impression. As an added bonus for homeowners who have a hard time selling due emotional attachments, a fresh coat of paint can help wash away that feeling of nostalgia when you look at rooms that you once had painted or designed.

The Investment

At first, the cost to repaint might seem like it isn’t worth it, but if buyers negotiate your sale price because they see a need for total repainting or even renovating, then you really aren’t saving any money at all. In the end, repainting before they buyer sets foot in your home is always a wise decision because waiting to paint until a few buyers have lost interest in your home means that you could have lost a perfectly good buyer for no reason. Who knows when another interested person is going to come along? It is crucial that you don’t lose buyers over small details. Some homeowners decide to paint their home themselves in order to cut costs, but the reality is that an amateur will not be able to get the home ready as quickly or create as nice of a finished product as the professionals can. There is also a risk of the new paint job looking sloppy, which will actually be worse than leaving the home as it was originally.

To summarize, professionals are able to get your home ready for sale quickly, professionally, within budget and will certainly know how to make your home look its absolute best. That way, the very first potential buyers of your home, who are often the most interested of the buyers you will meet, will fall in love at first sight and pay what you know your home is truly worth. Selling your home faster by letting professionals take care of the esthetics is an excellent option and definitely takes a lot off your mind during such a busy time!

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