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Naples, FL Pressure Washing

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home

Maintaining your home in top shape is a major priority for homeowners who want their home to remain as a quality investment and always look its best. The outside of your home is of course the most exposed to dirt, debris, mold and rain and can be the most difficult part of your home to keep looking new and clean over the years. The natural elements can’t be avoided and can cause many problems such as discoloring, molding, oxidation and peeling. Not to mention damage caused by environmental pollution and acid rain. Not only do these problems make your home less attractive, but they can actually damage the materials of your home and cost you a lot more money than proper cleaning in the long run.

Remove Insects and Spiders and Plant Debris

Keeping your home pressure washed can help keep those pesky spiders and bugs from setting up shop in your siding, corners of eavestroughs and above doorways and porches. Not only does this make your home look cleaner, but less of these insects will make their way into your home in the first place. Also, leaves blown off of trees by the wind and other plant debris can be removed during pressure washing. Plant debris can include moss and mold, which over time will damage the materials of your home and make it look more worn that it really is. Keeping your home in top shape definitely keeps its value up and being mold, moss, and spider free can make potential buyers feel like your home is better maintained than others in your neighbourhood.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular cleaning with a pressure washer is the best way to prevent your home from falling apart prematurely. Many homeowners don’t realize that hand-washing your windows and occasionally sweeping your porch or front steps is simply not enough to keep a property clean. Pressure washing provides an exceptional level of clean that keeps the integrity of your painted surfaces at its finest, the siding of your home at its most resistant to weather and the wood of your home free from rot. By slowly allowing dirt and grime to creep into the surfaces of your home, you are also allowing water and dampness to infiltrate your home and cause major damage that cannot be washed away. Once paint starts to peel and chip from being left dirty too long or your siding becomes chalky, more expensive measures must be taken to restore the beauty and value of your home.

Pressure Washing isn’t Only for Your Siding

A common misconception is that pressure washing can only help your siding, but in fact a professional pressure washing company can clean much more than that to make your home extra attractive! Ask about having painted or steel fences washed as they can last much longer when they are cleaned and protected from the damage of mold, mildew and grime buildup. Your driveway can be kept clean as well, by washing away stains left by your car, weather or damp plants and sticks. Patios, decks and outdoor furniture can be cleaned along with your siding and windows. No need to throw out patio furniture every year when it can be kept looking new year after year. Lastly, you can ask your pressure washing professional to wash your garage door, swimming pool and and decorative signs or statues that you may have on your property. Be sure to take full advantage of the range of services offered to get the full benefits of hiring someone to pressure wash your home.

When to Have Your Home Pressure Washed

Generally, your home should be pressure washed at least once per year to experience the full benefits of keeping your property clean. Damp and humid climates with lots of sun exposure tend to need more cleaning that drier and less sunny climates as the damage cause by the elements is much more significant. Should you notice buildup of mold or mildew on your home or if it just looks plain dirty, you can call anytime it suits you to have your home professionally pressure washed. Many homeowners tend to have cleaning done after the stormiest season is over. If you are planning on having any repainting or staining done on your home, pressure washing before these services can really make a difference in how well the paint and stain lasts. Many professional services will recommend a pressure cleaning before working on your home. Not only is pressure washing an excellent service to maintain home value, but it also saves you lots of time compared to cleaning many surfaces all by yourself.

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