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When is the Best Time to get Painting Quotes?

Deciding to move forward with a painting project is an exciting moment, but the process of getting paint quotes can be busy. Meeting with many different professionals and analyzing numerous quotes takes time, but it is well worth it to get the best person for the job. Many homeowners wonder if there is a best time to get a paint quote. Should you request a paint job during their busy season or during a slower time of year? Perhaps your project is time-sensitive and the time of year is not the most important factor for your particular project. Below are a few tips for when to ask for paint quotes depending of your personal needs and requirements.

The Busy Season

Of course, exterior painting is more weather-dependent that interior painting due to rain, winds and temperature fluctuations. For this reason, Florida homes are most commonly painted outside of the rainy season, which makes the rainy season a slower time of year for painters. Despite the poor weather, professional painting companies are fully equipped to paint the exterior of your home and have techniques to work around rainfalls and use the right products depending on temperature fluctuations. No need to worry about a professional having paint dry to quickly or slowly. If you are looking to paint during the rainy season, which is from June to November, it is possible that your price quotes may be cheaper than when you are requesting paint services during the busier dry months. There are less customers asking for work, so you have a bit more leverage as far as negotiation goes. Of course, most professional companies are in high demand all year-round, but the rain does deter some homeowners from starting projects altogether. If you are on a tight budget or a large project that will require a large amount of time and dedication from your contractor, try asking during the slow season.

Budget and Timeframe

Perhaps your home is going on the market in the next few weeks. In this case, shopping around for quotes and having the job completed as soon as possible is very important to the curb appeal and attractiveness of your home. By delaying a paint job until the slower season comes around, you may have lost potential buyers and cost yourself a sale. Better to work with the company who can provide you the best quote and who is able to stick to a tight deadline, than to wait or have an inexperienced and cheaper company carry out the work for you. If your home has paint that is peeling and in need of repair soon, you will need to ask yourself how serious leaving the paint alone may be for your home. If the paint is cracked or peeling in areas where moisture is an issue, such as a bathroom or the outside of your home, then requesting a paint quote sooner than later is best. If moisture is able to infiltrate the structure underneath your paint, more costly problems are sure to arise. Paying a little more for a paint job during a busy time of year will still be cheaper than replacing damp drywall or rotted wood because the job was delayed in order to get a lower paint price.

Comparing Quotes

After determining what your budget and timeframe is and if the repairs are urgent or not, you can compare quotes from a few different companies. If there is a company with a sale on materials or labor, it is a good idea to compare the sale price with the regular prices of their competitors. Sometimes the sale price is not really a sale at all or the difference in price is not worth taking a chance on a new company with less experience than your usual professional team. Asking neighbors for their opinions about different companies is an excellent way to make sure that you are choosing a reputable company who can meet your needs. By talking to neighbors, there is the added benefit of discovering that they too are looking for paint work to be done on their home. If you are looking to have work done during the busy season, teaming up with neighbors and hiring a company all together can be a great way to keep costs down while having access to professional materials and services.

The best time to get quotes for your paint project really depends on what your individual needs are. For those who are on a budget, requesting quotes during the rainy season may be an excellent way to get a great deal. If your project is more urgent, such as when your home could be damaged by delaying the work, it is best to look for quotes right away so that your property isn’t damaged by water. If you are about to put your home on the market, looking for paint quotes before the property is for sale is the best time. Once the property is already on the market, buyers will see the home before repairs are made and you could lose a sale!

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