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When Should You Repaint The Interior Of Your Home?

Homeowners have a lot on their plates when it comes to their homes. Often that comes with a lot of questions. This is especially true when it comes to painting. If you search for information on when to paint the exterior of your home, you’ll find a large number of sources dedicated to the subject.

But what about the interior of your home? Search for that and the information that comes back is surprisingly limited. There is a lot of how-to paint, but not when to paint.

Usually you paint a house by the room, and while that is certainly fine and certain situations might call for it, when is it the right time for you to paint the whole interior area of your home? It’s not something too often considered, whether that’s because of the scope of the project being rather large or because people rarely, truly think of their walls appearance.

There is also to consider that whenever you do paint your interior, it involves moving the furniture in every room, cleaning the walls thoroughly of dirt, old nails, etc., applying a primer and then finally painting. Then it’s still not over because you get to put it all back.

It may sound like a lot but at the same time, it can be very much worth it. Giving your home a fresh paint job can make your home look like it’s brand new again, giving it a more modern look or simply refreshing what was already there. This works whether you’re doing so for your own purposes, or getting ready to sell, which brings us to the first reason.

When Selling Your Home

You should definitely paint your homes’ full interior when preparing it to be sold. Many homeowners will paint their home in neutral colors before they sell to: make the home look brand new, and to make potential buyers more comfortable instead of scared off by strong colors they don’t like, or colors that make the rooms dimensions appear different from what they actually are.

To buyers a tidy new paint job makes a great first impression, and you only get one of those. After the exterior paint is taken care of, the interior is just as important. Peeling, cracked paint tells buyers that the home hasn’t been taken care of and that there may be other issues beyond that first glance, but non-distracting, neutral colors can allow the buyers to visualize themselves living in your home.

So in the instance of selling your home, paint to modernize your home, paint to de-personalize your space, and paint to create a clean slate that your buyers can later make their own. If you aren’t selling your home and want to paint your interior for your own reasons, there are other appropriate times to do so.

When Keeping Your Home

If you’re painting your home for reasons other than selling, it immediately becomes a much more personal project. This is your space so whatever colors strike your fancy, those are the colors you can put on your wall. At the same time, you’ll have to live with it so be careful.

When painting the interior of your home, keep in mind though that if you want a long-lasting paint job, realistically some colors will always be popular while others will begin to look dated after a few years. Maybe the homeowners before you painted or wallpapered the master bedroom a bizarre color and that’s the reason you want to repaint. Updating your home and bringing it into the present presents a good time and opportunity to repaint.

Another good time to repaint your interior is after damages, or when your walls have gotten old, scuffed up and scratched. When your walls are beyond cleaning, a new paint job is easiest the way to go. Or maybe you’re just sick of the colors in your home and want to give it a quick make-over, a better color scheme, or an instant refresh. These are all good times to paint as well.

It’s Your Home

The fact of the matter is that it’s your home and you can paint it whenever you want. The exterior of your home can be tricky to time, due to weather/environment constraints, but the interior can be painted at almost any time, especially with indoor temperature control. Aside from our suggestions of when to repaint the interior of your home (when you’re selling, when it looks dated or damaged, when you’re tired of the color) you can honestly paint your home whenever you think you need it.

With proper preparation and a quality paint, your full interior paint job can last anywhere from 5-15 years. Paint when you feel it’s necessary, and make sure that it is done right so that you don’t have to do it again for a while.

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