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Naples, FL Skim Coating

Why is skim coating so important?

When seeking out quotes for renovations, homeowners are often unaware of a process known as skim coating. Skim coating is one of the key steps to making your professional paint job look crisp and stunning and skipping it for the sake of saving money is a mistake that some homeowners make in an attempt to be frugal. Skipping this step can significantly reduce the final appearance of your paintjob, even though you are hiring professionals. In fact, if your quote doesn’t mention skim coating it is always a good idea to ask if you need it, just in case. Some homeowners believe that when they have a brand-new home that needs painting, skim coating is not necessary. Although this can be true for some very specific scenarios, skim coating is nearly always a great idea. Below are just a few reasons why skim coating should be on every homeowner’s radar.

What is skim coating?

Painting rooms in your home is already a complicated process and most homeowners are already aware that primer is necessary before paint can be applied. Skim coating is another step that needs to be completed even before primer is applied. The goal of this process is to remove any unwanted lumps, bumps or generally uneven surfaces from the wall before a nice layer of new paint is added. The seams between walls and moldings are also neatened up by skim coating. Even brand-new drywall benefits from skim coating to remove any seams between each sheet or potentially rough edges. A mixture known as a joint compound is spread in a very thin layer over any problem areas and is then sanded to a perfectly flat surface. This step requires skill for it to be beneficial and can turn into a big mess for people who try to do the work themselves. Of course, some homes will need more skim coating than others. Maybe only one area requires it, while some homes should have an entire wall done before moving on to paint.>

If my walls look alright, do I need skim coating?

Trying to decide if an area of your home needs skim coating or not can be a tricky process. The best method is to ask a professional, as they have the experience to know when a wall will benefit from this treatment and when it is unnecessary. It is not uncommon for homeowners to think that their wall looks fine before the new paint job, only to realize that the new coat of paint has made flaws stand out that were not noticeable before. This can happen when the old paint is very dull because the lack of shine will mask most bumps and marks that a new, shinier paint job will accentuate. A good idea is to consider what type of paint your are applying to the wall. The higher gloss paints will show imperfections the most, which means that you should absolutely go with skim coating beforehand.

Which areas of my home need skim coating the most?

If the wall to be painted has direct sunlight or shadows, imperfections can be on full display and skim coating can make sure that the light hits your walls in the most flattering way possible. Also, if you plan to hang lighting directly on the wall or want to place track lighting along the ceiling, skim coating can make sure that the shadows cast by this type of lighting won’t make your walls look extremely bumpy. Once you notice the uneven shadows, it is hard to notice anything else. Of course, some older homes may need a more extensive skim coating to achieve perfectly flat walls, but the crisp perfection that results is always worth it. On newer homes, it never hurts to make sure that the walls are perfectly flat before moving forward with painting. The end results can only be improved by this process.

Overall, skim coating is critical to having perfect walls like the ones you see in home renovation magazines. Primer and paint can’t fix dented or slightly warped drywall. By skipping this step when it has been recommended to you be a professional, there is a chance that you will notice imperfections in your walls that you thought paint would be enough to cover. Take your lighting and the layout of windows into consideration as well, since the way light hits your walls is a major advantage of skim coating. It is a small price to pay when the end results are so much more dynamic and satisfying to the eye.

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