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Should I Paint my Brick Fireplace?

Have you been searching for a way to brighten up your home without spending a fortune? If you have a brick fireplace that hasn’t been decorated in a while, perhaps it is time to get started with a simple style update! It’s as simple as adding a coat of paint and it can change the entire atmosphere of a room.

Many brick fireplaces are either from eras gone by or have become shabby and are more of an eyesore to a room than a decorative piece. By deciding how you want to change your fireplace and how to adapt it to fit the style of the rest of your home, you can create a plan for painting your brick fireplace. Follow the steps below to complete your very own design plans and get painting!

How to make your brick fireplace stand out

How can you decide if you want your fireplace to stand out? Generally, a fireplace should stand out when it is placed in a location that is not intrusive to the room. For example, fireplaces against a long, empty wall look best when they are made to be the focal point of the room.

This style of fireplace will look fantastic when painted in contrasting colors or with interesting patterns that highlight the layout of the bricks. When you choose a color that you like, it is important to make sure that it contrasts while also suiting the rest of the room. Keep in mind that contrast is desirable, but not when colors clash.

Too many bright colors at once is something to be avoided. For best results, choose one or two colors that stand out from the rest of your room without being too drastic. If you are not sure about which colors may suit your home, it is always a good idea to consult design magazines that display homes with a similar layout and color scheme to your own. This process can help you to rule out certain colors before committing to an entire project.

How to make your brick fireplace less noticeable

Perhaps you have a fireplace that is always the focal point of your room, whether you like it or not. Most likely, this is when a fireplace is placed in the middle of a crowded room or is surrounded by design features that you have already decided to highlight within your home. Competing focal points can make a room feel cluttered and disorganized.

To bring back a crisp, modern feel to a such a room, painting the fireplace with neutral tones or colors that closely resemble the main wall colors can make a world of difference. Avoid flashy

patterns or contrasting colors at all costs. The goal is to blend the fireplace into the surrounding architecture of the room by matching colors or choosing very similar tones of color. This technique has the added benefit of creating the illusion that a small room is bigger than it really is. No longer will your fireplace look intrusive or overly large within your home.

How can I get my fireplace ready for paint?

Often, brick is dusty or has a white coating caused by a reaction of the wet brick, salts within the brick and the surrounding air. Before any paint work can begin, this dust and residue must be properly removed.

To do so, you start by creating a soap and water mix and getting a stiff bristled brush. Proceed to wash the brick with the soap and the brush, making sure to get the bristles deep into any large cracks that may be hiding dirt.

Once the cleaning is complete, the brick needs to be left alone to dry. It is important that no harsh chemicals are used and that any large cracks are sealed up in order to maintain the quality and appearance of your brick fireplace throughout the painting process. If you don’t feel confident completing this type of work on your own, residential painting professionals in your area are qualified and experienced to get the job done right and exactly the way you want it.

Now that your fireplace is ready to paint, make to sure to verify if the paint you are using requires a primer. Often, primer is needed to ensure that the paint you have chosen will stick to the brick without chipping and peeling prematurely. Once primed and allowed to dry thoroughly, color can be applied and allowed to dry.

Don’t forget to protect the surrounding walls and floors from getting painted along with your fireplace. Use drop cloths and masking tape for a tidy job. As a final tip, be sure to choose a type of paint that will be easy to wipe clean. Gloss and semi-gloss are great choices, but feel free to experiment with different textures and brands. Once again, if all of this feels daunting to you, then it is an excellent choice to seek the help of a professional residential painting company.

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