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Signs Your Home Interior Needs to be Painted

Being a homeowner is a lot of work. The walls are the most important. When is the time they need a fresh coat of paint? Here are 8 signs your home interior needs to be painted.

1. The Paint is Cracking

Cracking paint is the first sign that your home interior needs a fresh coat of paint. Your house goes through its tolls over the years. You must look after your house and mend anything. Other than cracking paint you should be on the lookout for peeling, flaking, and chipping paint for reasons due to mildew or mold.

Not sure if your house needs a new fresh coat of paint. Consult with a professional painter. You want your house to look its best, right? Put on a new coat of paint now instead of later to avoid any serious issues.

2. Times Says a Lot

The years go by fast, don’t they? One should consider a fresh coat of paint on the interior walls every five years or so. Fresh coats of paint hide damages. Not only does your house go through changes, but so do you.

A sign that you know that your interior wall needs a new paint job is because you are not fond of the color anymore. That is not a problem. Everybody needs a change. Not to mention, trends come and go. Find a new color that you are fond of and give the wall a fresh new paint job.

3. The Paint is Fading

Does that blue you painted on the wall years ago look like it’s fading? Don’t let the colors fade. It’s normal for paint to fade over the years. Dark colors fade faster than brighter colors. The sun that beats through the window is the problem. The color lasts longer if your walls are near shaded trees.

Not all houses have the same design, so either way, you should give the wall a fresh coat of paint every few years to freshen up the appearance. Choose a lighter color over a darker color. Paint maintenance helps protect your walls and prevent any further damage.

4. Cracks in the Caulk

Not sure what caulk is? No worries, we’re here to explain. Caulk makes a paint job look better. Even better, last longer. Caulk is designed to seal a joint between both surfaces to keep the wall intact and prevent it from damaging. Over time, caulk loses its elasticity. 

Once you notice that the caulk is beginning to wear out, it’s time to give it a fresh new coat of paint. Contact a professional paint to see advice on choosing the right caulk.

5. Damages

Damages always happen. Whether the kids colored on the wall, chips and cracks, or chipping paint it’s time for a new paint job. Damages are not appealing to the eye. A good paint job is. Instead of letting those damages worsen, fixer them sooner rather than later.

A fresh coat of paint gives the walls life. That’s what being a good homeowner is all about. Treat your house like it is. Your home.

6. Is the Wood Shrinking?

Seeing a gap in between the wooden boards in your home is not a good sign. That means that moisture is seeping into the wood. That only leads to mold, mildew, or dry rot. It’s time to give your walls a fresh new coat of paint. Or you may just need repairs. Either way, you should talk to a professional and mend anything that needs to be fixed.

7. Selling the House

Upon deciding that you are going to move to a new house with your family, it’s time to spruce up the house. Never leave the house a mess for future homeowners to look at. Give the interior home a fresh coat of paint.

A house with a fresh coat of paint makes the house stand out. It’s a good sign that you’ve kept the house in tip-top shape since you’ve lived in it.

8. When is the Last Time?

When is the last time you painted your interior walls? Aside from the paint fading, paint doesn’t last forever. Depending on the type of paint that you use, all paints have a different timeframe. Oftentimes, your interior walls don’t show any of these signs. Keep your house up to speed and avoid any damages that may occur. Save your time and money.

Paying attention to your interior walls is one of the most important things as a homeowner. That does not mean that you should stare at the wall 24/7. Just look out for your interior walls and see if they require a new paint job.

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